Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fond memories of breakfast casserole

I grew up in an amazing church.  We had love that went waaaaay back.  I don't remember a day that I didn't feel loved, accepted, and deeply rooted.

I'm sure my friends, who may have joined much later, agree-- it wasn't so much about having family history there, though there was certainly an element of that--it was about having a community that laughed, lived and loved together.

I believe we transfer this love through food.

In particular, we always had breakfast together before going to Sunday school and then worship.  I have attended many worship services since then, and I've felt God's presence without breakfast, but man, some cheesy grits go a long way towards a religious experience.

That's not blasphemy, it's the truth.  There is sincerely something holy and communal about food.  Don't get me started, but think about when you have connected with people, really connected.  Wasn't there food/coffee/tea?  Don't you remember what that food was, even now?

At church, at 8 am, along with cheesy grits and butter-smeared English muffins, on really wonderful days, we received breakfast casserole.  I have tried to replicate it for you (and for me!) here.  Also, note that it's dead easy-- when you are trying to feed 100+ people, you don't make fancy.  You make homey and good.  This shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes prep, and all of it is cooking the sausage and then the peppers.  You could probably even skip cooking the peppers.  This will feed me and Tom most of the week-- 1/8 casserole reheats perfectly at 1 min in microwave.

1 lb breakfast sausage
8 eggs, scrambled
1 c cheddar (though I used mozzarella)  cheese, shredded
1 bag chopped onions and peppers

Brown sausage.  Saute onions and peppers.  Toss both in casserole dish.  Cover in cheese and eggs.  Bake at 350 for 25-30 min.

1/8 recipe: 363 calories, 4 net carbs.

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