Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Deep Dish Pizza, low carb style

You should have seeeeeeen my husband when I announced that we would be having deep dish pizza in the midst of my low carb crazy.  His dimples got really deep and he widened his eyes.   I swear his tendons in his neck stood out. We don't even eat deep dish pizza during regular meal planning!

The poor guy.  Every weird health thing I decide to do, he follows.  And for what it's worth, he's very healthy, so my weirdness must not be toooooo bad.

Truthfully, I hadn't had deep dish pizza til I had it at Tom's mom's house.  Tom's mom is a master chef. She cooks phenomenal meals, and to my understanding, her deep dish pizza is one of Tom's favorite things ever.  I may never achieve that high status, but I can at least provide cheesy goodness.

For now, here is what we did.  We used this recipe from Your Lighter Side.  Since Tom is not such a lover of baco (but I AM!), we used veggies and pepperoni for this pizza.

**Update:  I thought this was pizza-like the first day and somewhat less so, but still tasty, the second.
1.5 c cooked shredded chicken breast (ours was marinated in sriracha and sour cream)
1.5 c shredded mozzarella cheese

1) Mix in processor until it pearls up.  Squish into springform pan.  Cook for 20-25 minutes at 350.

Add in yo' fixins.
For us, it was 1/2 c sauce, pepperonis to fit, 1/4 c red pepper, 1/4 c sweet onion, 1/4 c green pepper.  Then we covered it all in mozzarella and baked 30 minutes.

Nom nom nom nom nom.

BTW, I am trying to add some monetary associations to this:

1 lb chicken: 1.89
1.5 c mozz: 2.5
sauce:  .50
onion: .2
pepper: 1.00
pepperoni:. 1.00
topper cheese: 4.5
Total for pizza:  11.59

Yes, this is an expensive creation for my blog.  We could have spread it out and recuped the cost.  Sure.  But we live large.  We ate this over two days.


  1. Was the 1.5C shredded chicken pre-cooked? Or did it go raw into the processor to become ground chicken with the cheese?

  2. Yes it was pre cooked, and that's how I'll recommend you proceed. I'm not sure how starting with raw chicken would work, but given that the crust ends up at a 1/4" thickness, roughly, I'm relatively sure it would cook through. I'll try that next time and report back:-)

  3. This recipe truly lives up to your blog's name!! How clever is this? I'm definitely going to try this one on for size. I've made Steak Nachos using the steak as my "chips", but chicken for a pizza crust is just soooo creative. I'm glad I caught this posting! Thanks for sharing it here!

    1. Thank you for your kind words--I'm just tickled that you stopped by! I've cruised through your recipe archives often and felt very inspired. In fact, it was one of the blogs that made me feel like a low-carb diet was really a lifestyle. Often, I see people talk about the lifestyle versus the diet and then just.... eat pizza (the regular kind). It's huge to see someone have such continuity! BTW, I just saw the bbq butter. Oh my. I fell out of my chair. 1) It looks awesome. 2) I didn't know about Hansen's with splenda-- I can't tolerate aspartame, so this is huge!!!!