Here my friends you will find links to all my recipes, categorized by where they fall in my three major categories as described below.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Who doesn’t want to be all of the above?  While I subscribe to Franklin’s notion that getting to bed and rising early give you an edge, I also hedge my bets by applying this saying to my approach to cooking.  I believe that it is possible to get phenomenal flavor, gastronomical contentment and nutrient-rich meals for a reasonable price by shopping according to the circulars and using seasonal, local ingredients.  This section of the blog will be dedicated to my pursuits in this vein.

Chipotle Cumin Black Bean Soup
Paneer/Farmers Cheese

And, as I feel I do well with saving money and cooking healthily, every so often I treat myself and others to a divinely indulgent treat.

Beverages with Bev
Whether it’s a cocktail that I try for the first time, a wine worth noting or a local beverage that has caught my fancy, I will give you the recipe and goods on the goods!