About Beverly

Beverly Steele is a girl caught in a whirlwind of action!   Those whirlwinds are filled with the harmonious smells of spices from around the world (I think cardamom just whooshed by!) and the musical clanking of cookware.  When she needs to escape the kitchen, lest she cook more than her fiance can bear to eat, she loves walking and jogging around White Rock Lake, West Coast Swing dancing, playing tennis, and hanging out on patios drinking wine.  Any patio, any wine, really.
Also, she’s involved in a cool urban ministry known as 16-21 Transitions Ministries which works to fight urban blight by providing job skills training, life skills development and educational and networking opportunities to young adults in South Dallas (http://1621transitions.wordpress.com).  This fall (Fall ‘10), she will begin working as a teacher with Teach for America in Dallas.  For more info on Teach for America, please see www.teachforamerica.org.
If that weren’t enough, she’s also getting married September 18, 2010. Expect many chocolate recipes around that time:-)