Sunday, March 13, 2011

New focus

So, this blog o' mine has lay fallow for a little bit.  Teaching is demanding, and I am often exhausted.  Most nights I cook, but lately we've been eating out a lot.  Either way, photographing and updating a blog have been just beyond me.

However, practice makes perfect, and I'm getting the swing of handling all the tasks of teaching with enough energy to actually go for walks in the evening most nights (gasp!).  So, I think I will be able to resume this blog.

After a lot of research and talks with personal friends, I have decided to cook towards a "gluten-free," "paleo" or "primal" method.  Kitschy names, but I think a lot of my health issues might stem from wheat.  I will keep dairy and beans, because life would just not be worth living without them.  Really.  This is not a huge divergence from my meals as of late, but I will be a lot more intentional.

Just wanted to let you know... and if you have any good recipes, let me know:-)

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