Monday, March 14, 2011


So, obviously, I like grilled things.  I like grilled veggies, grilled fruits, grilled breads (though alas that last will be no more in my kitchen, at least these 30 days).  The taste of smoke just adds that je ne sais quoi, even if je sais quoi pretty darn well.

Though I have no pictures or real recipes to show you, last night was a lesson in simplicity: salted and peppered steaks, italian dressing marinated chicken, squash and red peppers.  A meal fit for a king but priced and spiced for the common folk.

It occurred to me that "paleo" and "primal" put people off because one believes you must spend lots of money.  Yes, it costs more than Ramen, but it comes out quite nicely for us, especially when we shop the circulars.

For example, last night we fed 3 adults and one hungry child on the following, with about a meal of leftovers:
2/3 jar dressing (Newman's):  1.75
.5 lb chicken, no hormones, preservatives, pesticides: 1.00
1 lb squash  .88
2 giant red peppers  1.54
1.5 lb sirloin, no hormones, pesticides or preservatives though still grain-fed  6.00
1 lb sausage, no nitrates, msg or other nonsense: 2.99

Total for 5 meals: 14.16
Price per meal: 2.83

Keep in mind, we ate plllleeeennnty.  If we were more conservative, it would easily have been 2.25 per person.  If I ate steak at both lunch and dinner and eggs with fancy pants coffee for breakfast, I'd still clock in at about $5.50 per person per day.

I'd like to point out that's cheaper than a Happy Meal and significantly healthier! No toy included, though.

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