Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mexican Chocolate Mousse

Hear me out....

I once made brownies out of beans.  Actually, I did it twice, but I rarely cop to the first time.  Those were not that great.  But the second time... man.  I actually had to put them away because I was in danger of convincing myself that they were so healthy I could eat them all.  I may have made a similar and similarly dangerous dessert.

Mexican Chocolate Tofu Mousse.

Yes, I left tofu out of the blog post title on purpose.   In a Texan's estimation, tofu is on the level with the devil.  

However, this dish is not of the devil, though it is devilishly spiced.  What can I say? Mexican Hot Chocolate with its spices and its heat provides a very, very welcome inspiration for more of the same.  This dish does not disappoint.  Just like a lazily melted chocolate beverage, this dessert is extremely easy and very tasty.  Who needs butter? (Well, I do, but not for this).  Granted, it will not leave your mouth covered in a fatty film, but that's really not such a downfall, is it?

Tonight is Tom's and my 6-month anniversary, and since we aren't feeling like going out, I thought I should make a dessert that would appeal to our health-conscious and taste-demanding ways.  I had seen a tofu mousse on the web, and I happened to have a block of silken tofu in the fridge.  What better alignment of circumstances?  To make it true to us, I zapped it up with cinnamon, Mexican vanilla, espresso and cayenne.  I have no idea what the real measurements were, because I'm a dasher, but I've included estimates below.

1 pack silken tofu
8 oz chocolate chips (quality counts here!!!)
1 T cinnamon
1 T espresso
2 tsp cayenne
1 tsp vanilla.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler with the cinnamon, espresso, cayenne and vanilla.  When all melty melty, blend in the tofu.  You can either dish it up and chill in the dishes, or you can flatten out the top of the bowl and scoop as you go.  Either way, let it chill for an hour or so for flavor, although I did lick all mixing utensils immediately after cooking most happily.

And, for those of you cost-conscious folks:
Desserts at our local establishments range from 4-6 dollars. I now have 8 servings of dessert for about $5.  ($2 for tofu, $2.50 for chocolate, .50ish for the rest).  Life. Is. Good.

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