Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gourmet on the Cheap... seared ahi tuna with tropical melange

This was my meal.  It was amazing.

This is the close-up of the salad.  So vibrant.

Tom and I are trying to conserve funds.  Our overall income has gone down, and with it, our desire to fritter away our money.

Not that we ever desired to fritter away our money.

I occasionally did desire corn fritters.


One of my bigger money/food issues is that I really like good, expensive food, like seared ahi tuna.  At a restaurant 'round these parts, that can set you back $15 per person before the tip, and I like my tuna with a glass of sauvignon blanc.  That puts me at $22, just me, and Tom at another $15, plus tip.  $22+15+6=43.  

Tonight, I had seared tuna with a tropical fruit and vegetable melange for 2.98.  Adding in a generous pour of wine for $3, my meal cost 5.98.  Tom still only sipped my wine (when I let him), so he only cost another 2.98.  Together, our meal cost 8.97.  Savings of just over $34.  Ridiculous.

To get this meal, you have to do 2 things:

1.  Season tuna with salt and pepper and sear 1 min per side.
2.  Chop up 1 green bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper, 1 small jicama, 1 mango, and 1 ring of a red onion.  Toss in one rinsed box of blueberries.  In a separate bowl, mix 2 T chopped cilantro, juice and zest of 1 lime, and one chopped serrano.  Pour over fruit/vegetable mix and toss.

We still will go out, but at least less often, and I will also be more likely to buy something really cheap because I can make the good stuff at home.

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