Saturday, May 21, 2011

Almond flour pizza crust

Today was what you would call a beautiful day.  A day that helped me celebrate the many things I am.

To start the day, I grumbled and flopped around, refusing to get out of bed.  My cats both took turns purring and napping on my stomach to coax me into a morning mood.  It worked.  I took care of them before hitting the road for school.  Yes, school on a Saturday.  School on the last Saturday of the schoolyear (not counting next one because it's during a holiday weekend).  At school, I found 80 enthusiastic teenagers ready to paint the courtyard and each other.  We let them paint the courtyard (and each other).  They also tidied up both courtyards nicely.  On my way out, I saw the car wash benefiting a student who had suffered some injuries in a car accident.  This car wash had been held in an impromptu fashion, and there was no sponsor, so I stuck around as long as I could so the kids could get home.  These kids spent 5 hours washing cars without any help of an adult in order to help a friend.  My heart smiled.

I then hightailed it to Highland Park for a Wellesley Club meeting.  It was intellectually engaging to speak with so many classy and brilliant women and to hear a charming professor of Economics speak.  I spent a few moments afterwards catching up with the other young alum in attendance, another TFA person.  When I looked at my watch, I was amazed to see it was already 4:30.  I was sad to see that time had progressed so quickly as it was the sort of day I wished could go on forever!

I got home and got to work on a gluten-free pizza. My friends, the day just kept getting better!  This crust is FAR easier than any rising dough crust I've ever had, and it was tasty too!  I simply topped it with 2/3 can fire-roasted tomatoes, a thick sprinkling of grated mozzarella, and some sliced eggplant.  Simplicity incarnate. Well, in-pizza-te.

Now we're off to see Rio, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tangled at the drive-in in Ennis.  What a perfect day.

Has your day been perfect?  Well, even if not, this crust is easy enough that you can have the comfort of pizza soon!  I got it from Elana's pantry, and its genius is completely attributed to her.

1.5 c almond flour
.25 tsp sea salt
.25 tsp baking soda
1 T grapeseed oil
1 large egg

Mix. Press out to .25”. bake 15-20 minutes at 350 or until lightly golden.  Take out, put on toppings, bake til cheese melts and everything comes together.  I broiled to give a little brown to the eggplants.


  1. did you use the special finer honeyville flour, or just bob's red mill flour?

  2. I'm in experimental phase, and I used the honeyville. Just for you (and because I like pizza), I'll try the bulk aisle stuff from my local vendor next week. It might even be better because it's coarser. We'll see! For now, honeyville chocolate chip cookies in the oven:-)

  3. Bob's red mill seems pretty analogous to the bulk stuff and is twice the price. Boo.


    Jules has a glutenfree pizza recipe you may be interested in. I get flour from her some of the time and I bought 6 bread mixes. You use honey and yogurt in the recipe on the mix. I made it last time reducing the water a little so I could put in on a pastry cloth and pat it into a rectangle and put raisins and cinnamon sugar on so I could have raisin bread...toasted it was great especially with cream cheese and walnuts:)
    I have never used almond flour, but it sounds like it would be good in cookies.

  5. haha, you are right on about the cookies... that's what I made this afternoon:-)

  6. yeah, Bob's "almond flour" is pretty much like the coarse almond meal from Trader Joe's (which is far cheaper). I wondered because the fineness can apparently really change the way it works in a recipe. I have never seen bulk almond flour in a bin...

  7. Texas is a strange land full of strange things, one of which is almond flour in a bin.