Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sushi bowl~

Sushi bowls for four!

It seems like sushi bowls are a bit of a fad!  This is a good thing, though it does mean that mine is no more special than anyone else's.   Although, all my veggies have some curve or another. Yummy, crunchy curls that accentuate the meal through a curved, feminine aesthetic.  After all, isn't part of sushi its appearance?  A yin to the yang of my curves would be matchstick cuts...

Tom and I try to eat in often, and we are getting better about lunches.  I have long been in the tradition of lean cuisine, and he has been in the practice of buying.  Neither is really optimal.  There's also the challenge of providing something different enough from dinner the day before and dinner the day of.  Fortunately, sushi is not something we eat often, allowing me some leeway for stuffing it into almost a week's worth of lunches.  I also have been promising Brian, Betsy's husband, sushi for months, and we have yet to go get it.  So, this way, I bring it to him!

I also wished I'd had an avocado.  It would be a delicious addition.  Also, I worked from a Tyler Florence recipe just because it was in measuring terms I didn't need to convert, and my initial sugar:vinegar:rice ratio was off.  I prefer less sweetness, and the recipe below reflects that.

1 c uncooked brown rice
.5 T sugar
.5 T rice wine vinegar
1 cucumber
1 avocado (if you have it-- I didn't, and that's a sad, sad fact)
1 package fake crab
1 can mandarin oranges
1 package nori
handful of baby carrots
sprinkling of soy sauce
sesame seeds

1)  Cook brown rice in 2 c boiling water, covered, for 45 minutes.
2)  While rice cooks, mix vinegar and sugar together until well blended.  Add to rice when rice is ready.
3)  Cut or curl up your veggies, nori and crab.  Drain mandarin oranges.
4)  Provide a bed of rice on which you stack ingredients to your heart's desire.
5)  Sprinkle soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds over the top.

I doctored up Tom's and mine with a wasabi mayo.  Yum.

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