Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So fresh and so clean clean

Today, I drudged home.  I'm sure drudge isn't meant to be used like that, but what can I say?  I drudged.

I was definitely not looking forward to shopping in my blaaaah state, and I was equally sure that we had nothing in the cupboards.  I also didn't want to eat out.  I'm such a difficult case!

However, when I looked in the cupboards, I discovered they weren't so bare after all!  I found leftover bits from snacks (grapes and cucumber), half a head of lettuce, and a tangerine.  Toss on a handful of almonds from my ever-present stash, and we're in business!  Plus, it was a delight to have something so light and nourishing.  I swear, when I eat salads with minimal dressing, I can just feel all the antioxidants going to work and repairing my body.

Tom was also relieved not to do the big grocery schlep.  As the designated dish washer as well, all he has is a chopping knife, cutting board and two plates and two forks.

And, just for kicks:
Salad: $15
tangerine:  $.5
Cucumber:  $.25
grapes:  $.10
Almonds:  $.20
dressing:  $.05
Grand Total:  $.80

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