Monday, May 30, 2011

Simple supper

Tom and I went backpacking this weekend.  I loved it.  Tom remembered why he did not.  I will be seeking out backpacking buddies to spare him further pain.

Any which way, that meant we spent a good deal of time outside of our house.  Before hitting the road, we ate a giant bowl of pho at a local Carrollton eatery.  Just outside of Austin, we had some barbecue.  On the trails, we ate larabars, a new favorite of mine, and when we found civilization again, we had some scrumptious home cooked goodness at the Hill Country Cupboard.  Delicious. Filling. Wonderful.

There seems to have been a lot of food given that it was supposed to be a "primitive" weekend.  Oops.

Now that we're back home, I want to get some scrumptious and healthy food in.  I also have lots and lots of cleaning to do since both my mom and Tom's parents will be visiting before the weekend comes again.  The house is a pigsty.  While all family members assure me they don't care, I CARE! So I will be cleaning today, which means I don't have much time to cook.

What do I use when I am rushed, tired, busy and in need of something healthilicious?

The crockpot.

Literally all I did was strip most of the skin/fat off, rub in salt and freshly ground pepper and then rubbed again in sriracha.

Result?  Pounds of meat to last the week.  I took no photos because I was just too tired.  Besides, it looks like juicy chicken.  You all know what that looks like.  I served it with roasted cabbage and okra with chacheres seasoning.

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  1. When I am in a rush I also like to cook a one pot meal just like yours. Sometimes I think the simpler the better concept also works for food.

    And oh yeah the magical sriracha makes everything delicious:)