Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sweet and tangy limeade; a beverage that reflects me

Braum's.  The word alone brings happiness to my heart.  Back when I was 16, I went on vacation with my best friend Cassie and her family for spring break.  We went "up north" to Oklahoma, and we stopped in Ennis, TX to have a Braum's limeade, something that Cassie assured me would be a treat.  And it was, it really was.  I had only known up until then the likes of the Sonic limeade, which just isn't right.  At Braum's, you watch them squeeze limes, squirt simple syrup and add club soda right into the cup you know will soon be yours to deliver a bright, sparkling drink perfect for your spring, summer, fall and heck, winter too, frolics.

Being of a frugal nature and having limes perpetually on hand, I decided today to make limeade.  But not just any limeade.  Today, I made strawberry limeade, taking advantage of some superbly bright berries that have peaked.  You know berries.  Such fickle things.  They remind me of the Eddie Izzard sketch on pears.  Holding on to that moment before ripeness longer than you'd like, being ripe for a few brief moments and then dilapidating quickly.  However, I beat them to it and got a phenomenal beverage out of it.

This is a superbly simple recipe, and tweak to your preferences.  I like mine distinctly limey and sweet.  If you'd rather use flat water than club soda, you just go on and do that.

  • 2 limes
  • 1.5 T Agave nectar
  • 2 strawberries, minced
  • 1 strawberry for garnish
  • 1 can club soda
  • sugar for frosting (optional).
1)  Cut the limes into halves.  Use one half to lightly moisten the mouth of the glass if you wish to frost it and dip it into sugar, twisting until you have your preferred coating.
2)  Squeeze lime juice into glass using either your hand or a citrus juicer.  I heart my lime/lemon juicer.
3)  Add agave nectar and stir.
4)  Add minced strawberries.  Smoosh them against the glass with a spoon.  
5)  Add club soda and stir.

You could always blend in a blender the strawberries, lime juice and agave nectar, but I didn't want to get the blender dirty, and I like the chunkiness of the strawberries.


  1. I like this, and how you tied this drink to YOU. I actually just held a challenge called the "You Are Who You Cook" Challenge, in which bloggers cook up creations that interpret themselves. This reminded me of that, it would be a perfect entry! :-)

  2. Nice to meet you and your blog! This drink is simple but fresh, I like it!
    Ho visto che conosci bene l'italiano e questo mi fa davvero molto piacere!

  3. Sophia-- I love your challenge! Too bad I missed it, but I'll keep my eyes open for other fun stuff. I'm a story-teller, and if a fact or recipe doesn't have a story, I just don't remember it.

    Tania-- mi fa tanto piacere di "conoscerti" :-) Ogni tanto, mi piace lavorare moltissimo su un pasto difficile e complicato, e altre volte me piace di non fare che mettere insieme qualche ingrediente che la natura fornisce. Sono contenta che vedi i vantaggi di entrambi.

    Thank you both for visiting and posting! As a newbie blogger, it's really a great feeling, and you are both so kind!

  4. Great drink! I adore strawberries and that must be a delightful little cocktail!

  5. Citron et vanille-- I love your blog and am delighted you've stopped by! I do think this is a great drink for warm afternoons, and I hope you give it a try sometime:-)